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Local ‘pothole vigilante’ retiring after claiming to fix over 25




TIFFIN, OH — A couple months ago, we reported about a local man acting as a “pothole vigilante,” who was sick of the city’s bumpy roads, particularly in alleyways behind Jefferson St., the street he resides on, and began filling potholes himself.

The man, who wishes to remain unnamed to “avoid unnecessary attention,” told reporters on Sunday that he is done filling potholes after claiming to fill dozens.

“My work has come to a close. I’ve put in my own time, money, and sweat into fixing around 25 potholes, but the city is starting to take over and do it. Thank goodness, right?,” the man said.

Some around the city were concerned about the man filling potholes himself, questioning the materials he was using and how long the “DIY repairs” would last.

“I bought asphalt repair kits from the store, pretty similar stuff to what the city uses,” the man claimed.

A source familiar with the local public works department said in June that the man filling potholes himself is technically not illegal, but he should technically have a permit to work on city-owned property.

Read the original article covering the pothole vigilante’s service here.

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