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Kasich signs bill allowing dogs to come to restaurants in Ohio




TIFFIN, OH — Ever get the urge to bring your dog with you when you go out to eat?

Well now, in Ohio, that task has gotten easier with the help of Governor John Kasich (R) and other state lawmakers.

Although Kasich signed House Bill 263 on Monday, the law doesn’t actually go into effect until 90 days from now. There are some rules, however.

The law states that dogs will only allowed on outdoor patios, not inside the restaurants. You can only bring your dog if the restaurant allows it. Service dogs are the only type of dog allowed inside restaurants.

Restaurants will also have the option of allowing dogs on their property, not being required to offer the option at all. Dog owners would be responsible for making sure their “furry friends” are properly controlled/behaved, on a leash, and up-to-date on their vaccinations.

State Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin) supported the bill in the Ohio House. Some have raised concerns about sanitation issues, saying that allowing dogs in food establishments makes it harder to ensure restaurants are clean.

The state’s agriculture and health departments will draw up rules for dogs visiting restaurants. Health departments will have the ability to ban dog visits during a public health emergency, if necessary.

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