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City of Tiffin investigating parody Facebook page




TIFFIN, OH — According to a Facebook press release early Wednesday morning, the City of Tiffin government is currently investigating and considering legal action against a parody Facebook page operating under a similar name to the official city page, posting what the release called “extremely inappropriate content.”

The page, which has since changed its name to “The other City of Tiffin Page,” is designed as a “strictly satirical” page and is “for jokes and humor” only, according to the page’s about section.

“We are in no way or form affiliated with the actual City of Tiffin or it’s government branches. We are only community members posting random stuff to bring a new and different sense of humor,” the page stated.

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One post from the page that went viral appeared to come from Tiffin law enforcement authorities, warning citizens to not “try to make your truck look cool,” or risk being pulled over.

“Just a friendly reminder citizens, don’t try to make your truck look cool. Any indication that you have money, ie. fancy rims, tinted windows, lift kit, multiple battery system, etc., gives us probable cause because you are presumed to be a drug dealer, and we will respond acordingly [sic],” the post read.

The City of Tiffin government released the following statement in regards to the page:

“Please be aware that this page, City of Tiffin Government, is the only official page of the City of Tiffin. While we pursue legal options, we ask that if you come across this ‘imposter page’ that you please report it and its posts to Facebook to assist us with its removal.”

“We do not condone these sort of posts being made under our name, especially when the page is purposefully meant to confuse and appear as our own. Our Facebook profile picture will always and forever remain the City logo, so please check any posts you see to ensure you are on our official page, and not one that is spreading false information and vitriolic clickbait posts,” the release stated.

View the viral Facebook post from the fake Tiffin page below, which has been shared thousands of times:

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