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Bus route plan moving to second phase




TIFFIN, OH – On Wednesday, the Seneca Regional Planning Commission held its first meeting for the second phase of a city-wide public bus plan, in partnership with the Seneca Crawford Area Transportation, the City of Tiffin, and Seneca County. The plan would include stops throughout Tiffin, running on a continuous loop.

The purpose of the Phase II study is to determine cost and route design. SCAT has contracted with RLS & Associates, a transportation management and consulting service out of Dayton, OH, to perform the Phase II study. The plan is fully funded, and will develop over the next nine months.

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A Phase I feasibility study completed by Heidelberg Business Institute (HBI) in 2015 determined a need in the community and estimated the demand for a flex-route bus service in the city of Tiffin. One goal of adding a flex-route service is to spur economic development by making local businesses more accessible to people with limited transportation options.

Likely users of a flex-route bus service include college students, the elderly, and people with limited incomes.

Another goal of additional bus service would be making it easier to attract and retain employees who find it difficult to afford and maintain their own personal vehicle.

RLS & Associates, along with the Steering Committee of the group, will be reaching out to the community for input over the coming months.

About SCAT

“Our mission is to serve the public of Seneca and Crawford Counties by providing a safe, reliable, affordable, and efficient public transportation system. SCAT is a door-to-door, curb-to-curb transportation organization that provides local as well as out-of-county trips to the public of Seneca and Crawford Counties. We provide transportation for all needs such as medical, social, shopping, bank service, veterinary, etc. We are a non-profit organization. Our hours are Monday through Friday 5 AM to 6 PM. We provide transportation for all needs such as medical, social, shopping, bank service, veterinary, etc.”

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