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Stacy, Thomas standing strong despite pressure from anti-winders




TIFFIN, OH – Seneca County Commissioners Holly Stacy (R) and Shayne Thomas (R) are standing strong in their pro-wind energy stances despite strong pressure from local anti-wind group, the Seneca Anti-Wind Union.

Mike Kerschner (R), the other Seneca County Commissioner alongside Stacy and Thomas, has “fallen to the pressure” of anti-wind groups and is now supportive of rescinding the alternative energy zone – a blowback for wind energy proponents.

On Friday, the Seneca Anti-Wind Union continued its “witch hunt” against supporters of wind energy in Seneca County by sending out a press release accusing Holly Stacy of unethical behavior.

The release showed what a local leader of the Anti-Wind Union described as “alarming” and “concerning” correspondence between county officials and a pro-clean energy organization.

According to a news release from Seneca Anti-Wind Union member Chris Aichholz, a public records request revealed emails between Seneca County Commissioner Holly Stacy, Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corp. President and CEO David Zak and Tom Bullock of Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy.

Chris Aichholz, left, member of Seneca Anti-Wind Union

The release states the emails, which Zak was carbon copied on, appear to show Stacy allowing Bullock to write and submit her testimony to the Ohio State Senate – a normal procedure for many elected officials.

“Who is footing the bill for all of the work and consulting this group is doing for Commissioner Stacy?” Aichholz stated in the release.

“Who has more influence in the currently proposed wind turbine projects for Seneca County, the CICE group or Commissioner Stacy’s constituents? Is the CICE group working in the best interest of Seneca County residents?” Aichholz went on to say.

Shayne Thomas said he believes Stacy did nothing wrong in this instance, despite what the anti-wind groups say.

Many on Facebook have lashed back at the Anti-Wind Union, accusing the group of “mudslinging and harassing” proponents of wind energy, and “grasping at straws” for new arguments to use against the wind project.

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