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The 24 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters to Check Out in Ohio




Field of Dreams in Tiffin earns the #2 spot!

With summer just around the corner, drivers ed authority Aceable has released its list of the top drive-in movie theaters in the state of Ohio.

“Ohio has the largest number of drive-in theaters in the country, tied only with New York,” said Amanda Hagley, Content Specialist at Aceable and former native of Carey, Ohio. “Our team loved rounding up some local favorites that have been around for decades and celebrating the history behind them.“

With so many drive-in theaters to choose from, ranking each of the theaters on this list presented Hagley and her team with a unique challenge.

However, by identifying key factors such as customer reviews, pricing, and the strength of programming, they were able to come to a consensus on the selections while still celebrating a uniquely American tradition.

“Being from Ohio myself, I know how important local staples like the nearest drive-in are as a gathering place for families and friends in the summer months. We hope this article can help bring more attention to this American tradition and help celebrate these iconic theaters as summer draws nearer.” Hagley said.

View the full list of the 24 best drive-in theaters in Ohio by clicking here.

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