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Time to cut the cord? Rising cable costs irking residents




Many people in Tiffin have been complaining recently about the issue of rising cable costs. Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) essentially has a monopoly on the cable market in Tiffin, with other options traditionally being satellite TV (such as DirecTV or Dish Network).

While you could try to negotiate with Spectrum and get your cable bill down, why not just “cut the cord” and switch to a modern-day streaming service?

It’s 2018, and new options are coming to us every day. You could subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, which allow you to stream shows and movies on-demand. Another option, which could be more appealing to some, is a live TV streaming service such as YouTube TV or DirecTV NOW. For example, YouTube TV offers live local channels for sports and news, live TV from over 50+ networks, with no cable box required – all for $35/month.

How does a live TV service like YouTube TV work?

YouTube TV is basically wireless cable for your smart devices – HDTVs, smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, etc. With YouTube TV, you’re able to stream live television to up to 3 devices simultaneously. Perfect for families, you can also have up to 6 separate accounts to be used for streaming. The separate accounts can have their own saved playlists, DVR, favorites, etc.

What about internet service?

In terms of internet service, we’re more or less stuck with Spectrum. Spectrum simply offers the best in the area right now. Their cable internet service is much more reliable and speedy than its DSL counterparts.

What devices can I use to stream directly to my HDTV?

For most services like Netflix, DirecTV NOW, etc., you can use an Amazon Fire Stick to stream your content. Buy directly from Amazon here.

If you’re planning on trying YouTube TV, which offers a free trial, it is currently NOT compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick. So we’d recommend going with the Roku Express, which is a similar product.

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