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Here’s what you need to know about bag service in Tiffin




TIFFIN, OH (Mar. 22, 2018) — Press Release from Tiffin City Administrator, Dale E. Thornton: 

The number of Tiffin residents indicating they have been on the bag program has far surpassed the numbers initially provided to the City by Republic Services.

Republic Services indicated there were approximately 285 customers on the bag program, but the actual number appears to be well in excess of that, perhaps as high as 1300-plus.

The number of bag customers provided by Republic Services was included in the information given to all companies invited to submit a proposal.

Rumpke’s submission to the City was the best of the three proposals received. The other two proposals, including Republic Services’ proposal, did not offer a bag service.

The Rumpke proposal was limited to the 285 bag customers reported to be in the program under Republic Services.

Given the inaccuracy of the information provided by Republic Services, and the productivity impact a 1300-plus bag program represents to any contractor, the City has agreed to the following change in pricing to retain the bag program and then sign a contract with Rumpke:

Residents who elect to continue with bag service will pay the originally quoted $2.25/month for this service plus a $3.00 per sticker fee for each bag they place at the curb. These customers will not have a trash cart, but will have a recycle cart.

A fuel surcharge will be added in the same manner as that charged to cart customers. No new bag customers will be accepted into the program.

The City would like to express its deep appreciation for the excellent cooperation and collaboration demonstrated by Rumpke in addressing this difficult situation.

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