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Could Bruce Wayne be a marketing asset for Chipotle?




TIFFIN, OH — Many people are asking if local man Bruce Wayne will be a potential marketing asset for Chipotle Mexican Grill’s corporate advertising team.

Wayne, who recently was featured in national news outlets for ending his streak of eating Chipotle daily with 500 days on the books, recorded his journey on Instagram for his fans to see.

By day, Wayne works at Tiffin Developmental Center. However, by night, he co-plays as the Dark Knight.

Wayne “chows down” on a Chipotle burrito

The most common question about Wayne’s journey, however, is “how does he do it when Chipotle is closed on some days?”

The answer: He KNOWS when the restaurant’s going to be closed, so he’ll order ahead of time and simply “keep it in his fridge” for the next day!

Could we maybe see Bruce Wayne in a Chipotle advertisement some day?

An anonymous source close to Wayne tells us he has been in talks with Chipotle’s corporate team about potential opportunities.

Despite his haters, Bruce Wayne still standing strong

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