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Montz: Shovel-ready status for business park ‘big win for Tiffin’




TIFFIN – According to a Monday morning press release from RGP (Regional Growth Partnership) Northwest Ohio, the 38-acre site of the Eagle Rock Business Park “has been designated as shovel-ready for the food processing & beverage industry.”

Mayor Aaron D. Montz (R) took to Twitter Monday morning to proclaim the designation as a “big win” for the city of Tiffin.

“[This] will certainly aid in bringing a food and/or beverage manufacturer to Tiffin in the near future. Stay tuned,” Montz added.

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This could mean more jobs for Tiffin-area residents. The Montz administration is hoping for the creation of well-paying jobs in the area to add to its list of achievements for Tiffin.

Many in Tiffin without college education who lost the well-paying jobs they had, such as factory work at facilities like American Standard that closed their area plants, are hoping that more well-paying jobs will come to the area soon.

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