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Lots o’ snow coming to Tiffin Wednesday evening




TIFFIN – Dec. 12, 2017 – Are you ready for some “big time” snow this week? It looks like it’s going to hit Wednesday evening!

According to a Facebook post by Meteorologist Ross Ellet, “our next clipper” is gaining strength and will likely bring the highest snow total so far in this young snow season. The flakes are expected to start falling around noon on Wednesday.

Moderate snow will likely cause slick roads in time for the evening commute, and snow should move out of the area around Midnight Wednesday night. The latest storm track brings the highest snow totals across Monroe County with 3-5″ possible. 2-4″ of snow is expected for the majority of the area, including Tiffin.

1-2″ is expected south and west of Findlay. The snow will come with a lot of cold as well. Highs on Wednesday will stay in the middle 20s.

Temperatures could drop down into the upper single digits on Thursday morning. Highs on Thursday should stay in the teens.

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