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It looks like John Kasich is running for president again




John Kasich’s campaign page on Facebook is running ads soliciting donations to the Kasich for America fund, making it look an awful lot like the Ohio governor is running for president again in 2020.

Kasich could be planning to primary President Trump with a Republican bid. Or, as suggested by his “Country over Party” and “Two Paths” slogans, Kasich could run as an independent.

The ad appeared on news feeds on both Facebook and Twitter, originally posted at the beginning of this week.

The ad that appeared on Facebook

While Kasich hasn’t officially announced his candidacy for 2020, his campaign committee has yet to take down his presidential campaign site, and his Kasich for America committee is actively fundraising. These are two huge signs that Kasich is planning on challenging Trump in some way.

Kasich has been widely critical of President Trump ever since the 2016 campaign. He joins the league of moderate-leaning Republicans that are opposing many of Trump’s actions.

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