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What is Seneca County Rocks?




This editorial was written by Janet Cole of Tiffin.

There is a local group on Facebook called Seneca County Rocks. Members spend time and money painting small rocks, which then are hidden in the open to be found and enjoyed. Some rocks are works of art, others have inspirational words or sayings and others look like they were painted by a three-year-old (and they probably were). Families work on these treasures together and have fun doing it. There are similar groups all over the country, with several in this part of Ohio.

The purpose of the group is to bring joy, and cause people to smile. We are happy while decorating and hiding them. People who find them have a much better day. When they post a picture of the rock, we are glad they are appreciated. When they rehide the rocks, the cycle repeats. Sometimes, a rock is so special the finder keeps it, which is OK. There is a note on the bottom naming the group and what to do with the rock.

One of our members recently saw a man in his mid-40s pick up one of the treasures. She asked him if he was going to rehide it. He opened the trunk of his red car and threw it in a large box with many more painted rocks. He said it was a stupid idea and he was going to throw them all in the river, where they belong.

Please, please, if you find a special rock and you don’t want to participate in the fun, please leave it for someone else to find. A little kindness goes a long way to make our community a better place in which to live.

Thank you,

A member of the rock painting community,

Janet Cole, Tiffin

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