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See this historic ad from a 1940 Junior Home newsletter




Check out this historic ad from a 1940 Junior Home newsletter!

Seneca County Museum shared this information on their Facebook page:

Today’s ad comes from a 1940 Junior Home newsletter. We love sharing the wonderful stories and success of the Junior Home that was located here in Tiffin.

This ad offers 4 great photos showing examples of the happiness and innocence of these children, and the ad is also asking for financial support to keep the facility going. However, with the passage of the new Social Security Act in 1939, this provided funding for people to keep their children and reducing the need for orphanages.

By September 1944, all of the remaining children in Tiffin were transferred to Lexington, N. Carolina and the Tiffin Home was closed. Many of the kids who grew up at the Junior Home, stayed in the Tiffin area as adults and became leaders in our community.

So cool to see these historic artifacts from our community!

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