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Opinion: Voters made a mistake voting down roads levy




By: Political Board

TIFFIN – Voters in the 2017 general election rejected the City of Tiffin’s tax levy to improve roads by a margin of 53% “against” votes to 47% “for.” View full election results by clicking here.

Realistically, unless Tiffin voters do not care about future developments in the city of Tiffin, including jobs, they have voted against their own interests by rejecting this tax levy.

For less than $100 per year for a family (on average, according to the mayor’s office), this levy would have provided drastically better roadways and bridges in the community – a HUGE magnet for potential businesses and investors.

The city’s budget currently allows for roads to be paved “once every 40+ years,” according to Mayor Montz’s office.

We hope voters will give a levy like this a chance next time it is on the ballot. While no one likes more taxes, the long-term benefits, including job opportunities, for most families in Tiffin would drastically improve.

The 2017 election did bring some good news in our area, however. The mental health & recovery levy easily passed, as did the Commission on Aging levy. Endorsed candidate for Clinton Township Trustee, Jim Distel, won re-election alongside current-trustee Denny Moyer.

Victor Perez will bring a new face and fresh ideas to the Tiffin City School Board.

Don’t forget to stay engaged in our government and vote in the primary election on May 8, 2018.

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