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Jolly’s Drive-In officially opens new location, offering pick-up window




Jolly’s Drive-In is officially open for business today at 11:00 am at their new location in downtown Tiffin! You can call (419) 447-4998 to pick up your order at the pick up window in the alley. 

Jolly’s Drive-In is now located at 66 E. Market St. across from Reino’s. While the nostalgia may be gone, many of your Jolly’s favorites are still there.

“Congratulations to Jolly’s on opening your new location in Downtown Tiffin today. Yet another business coming into our historic downtown that will drive traffic and bring in additional visitors and investment. Very exciting,” Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz stated.

The restaurant will likely stay open until “9 or 10” in the evening Wednesday evening, as it’s “right before Thanksgiving,” owner Diane Hassinger said. “Come check it out!,” she encourages members of the community. Other hours may vary.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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