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Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock in Tiffin




TIFFIN — Documentary filmmaker, humorist, TV producer, screenwriter, and playwright Morgan Spurlock visited Tiffin on Tuesday to speak at Heidelberg University’s “HYPE Day” event.

Spurlock is most well-known for his documentary film Supersize Me, where he attempts to survive on eating only McDonald’s food for a month.

Spurlock speaking at Heidelberg’s Seiberling Gymnasium. (Photo: @HeidelbergU on Twitter)

According to Heidelberg, “HYPE Speakers expose students to inspiring stories of leadership, dedication, and success. Each HYPE Day will feature one keynote speaker to kick-off the day. After the keynote in the morning, students attend different sessions that focus on one of the HYPE Skills. Mastering the six HYPE skills will increase students’ professional confidence and help them impress future employers.”

For more information about Morgan Spurlock and the HYPE program at Berg, click here.

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