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Distel featured in Seneca News Daily for continuing father’s service




Friday, November 3, 2017

TIFFIN – Clinton Township Trustee Jim Distel was recognized by the Seneca News Daily publication on Friday for continuing his father’s tradition of maintaining the lawns around the “Welcome to Tiffin” sign at SR 53 and US 224.

Distel is the service manager at Reineke Tiffin Ford Lincoln and has been one of Clinton Township’s trustees for many years. He is seeking re-election in the 2017 general election on Tuesday.

Distel beginning his work (Photo: Seneca News Daily)

Here is what Dale Depew said in Seneca News Daily:

I took this picture of Jim Distel mowing and weeding around the “Welcome to Tiffin” sign at SR 53 and US 224. I think I took the picture around 1pm. I know Jim is the Service Manager for Reineke’s Tiffin Ford, so I was a little confused.

I find out that Jim’s dad Bernie, who lived just south of this location started this tradition nearly 20 years ago. Bernie saw that the corner did not get regular mowing, and thought people’s “Welcome to Tiffin” should be a pleasing one. Without seeking permission, or recognition, Bernie would load up his “Love Bug” Cushman with his lawn mower and come over and keep the area looking sharp.

Bernie passed away 5-6 years ago, and his son Jim, who is a Clinton Township Trustee took over in honor of his dad, and that thought that everyone’s “Welcome to Tiffin” should still be a pleasing event.

There are many stories of people who do little or large things to make our community better. The activities aren’t done to get recognition, but we try shining a light on as many of them as we are able.

Thanks Jim for using your lunch break to keep this tiny but important ground in Hopewell Township looking sharp.

Thank you, Jim!

Clinton Township voters will choose two of three candidates for trustee in the general election on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.


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