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Despite re-election loss, Bettsville Councilman Poe vows to stay involved

Change was not a very welcomed idea in this year's Bettsville village council election


BETTSVILLE — Despite being unsuccessful in his bid for re-election, Bettsville Councilman Stan Poe vowed to stay involved with the village and its future.

“Life is good. Simply hoping that village officials get things done now,” Poe said in a statement following his election loss.

Poe also stated that he believes the majority of the village is not yet ready for what he describes as “radical, yet forward-thinking transparency and communication.”

One of the major issues Poe highlighted in his campaign was the lack of transparency within the village government. He also campaigned heavily on revitalizing H.P. Eells Bettsville Park and re-opening the swimming quarry located there.

The four candidates that were elected to council are: Linda Davis, Scott Harrison, Bill Klaiss Jr., and Robert Toy.

Other unsuccessful candidates included Dan Kracher, who ran alongside Poe as his endorsed co-candidate, Tammy Waugaman, and Gilberto Rojas, Jr.

Poe said he respects the decision of voters in the village and congratulated the four individuals who were elected to seats on council.

After finishing his term as councilman, Poe says he’ll continue to attend village council meetings and stay involved with making the village a better place to live and visit.

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