Home Politics Report: Bettsville councilwoman Joyce Harrison begins marketing ‘anti-Poe’ yard signs

Report: Bettsville councilwoman Joyce Harrison begins marketing ‘anti-Poe’ yard signs


BETTSVILLE – The village council race in Bettsville just got even more interesting… and heated. Village Councilwoman Joyce Harrison (R), a member of the establishment group of council members which Councilman Stan Poe (R) has labeled the “Harrison syndicate,” has joined other individuals in proclaiming their “No to Poe” stance publicly.

Harrison posted on Facebook reaching out to those in Bettsville who were “asking about signs.”

Ms. Harrison then referred interested customers to a print shop in Fostoria.

Councilwoman Joyce Harrison (R) of Bettsville markets anti-Poe yard signs on the Bettsville Community Events group page

The post by Councilwoman Harrison confirms her anti-Poe stance, which is no surprise to anyone. Harrison and Poe have often strongly disagreed on several issues facing council, including Harrison’s stance against revitalizing H.P. Eells Park (it is suspected she would like to sell the park to a private party).

Poe has been one of the most pro-park candidates, along with his endorsed candidate Dan Kracher. Both Poe and Kracher, otherwise known as “Stan & Dan” to many residents, have long advocated for the village to invest in the park.

Bettsville’s general election for the four village council positions will take place Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at the Bettsville American Legion.

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