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Opinion: Why is Josh Mandel so sketchy?


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

By: TiffinOhio.net Political Board

This article is an opinion piece and doesn’t represent the views of Tiffin, Ohio News and Weather as an entity.

If you were hiring people to work for you, would you hire someone that has the following on their record?

✔️ Skips job

✔️ Abuses money

✔️ Lacks a backbone

With a record like that, you probably wouldn’t hire that person to walk your dog… Let alone be your next U.S. Senator.

From skipping his taxpayer-funded job to abusing taxpayer money for his own self-gain, sketchy Josh Mandel is one of the last people Ohioans should elect to any government position.

“Ohio politics has never seen a bottom feeder quite like Josh Mandel. For the two-term state treasurer, no gutter is too deep, no shot too cheap,” according to Brent Larkin of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Sketchy Josh Mandel is running for U.S. Senate in Ohio against incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) for the second time, having run (unsuccessfully) against him in the 2012 Senate election as well.

“Money seems to be job one for Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel – not properly collecting and investing taxpayers’ money, but collecting what he needs to fulfill his political ambitions,” says Cindi Andrews of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Mandel regularly skips out on his taxpayer-funded Ohio Treasurer job to promote his political ambitions. In other words, he’s spending your money to advance his own agenda and for his own gain. (see reference list 1)

Other examples of sketchy Josh Mandel’s abuse of taxpayer money includes using millions of taxpayer dollars to promote his political ambitions on TV. (see reference list 2)

Josh has been so sketchy with the taxpayer checkbook that his own party, the Republicans in the state legislature, had to implement an emergency amendment targeted at his abuses. (see reference list 3)

So Josh Mandel wants a pay raise and more power – he wants us to elect him to be Ohio’s next U.S. Senator.

The question is: if that’s the case, why is he continuing to be so sketchy?



1 – 

U.S. News & World Report: “…[Mandel] developed a reputation as a overanxious ladder-climber, skipping out on his day job to brazenly hobnob in Washington.” [U.S. News & World Report, 7/14/17]

AP: “…every work trip [Mandel] took last year was at least in some part related to politics…” [Associated Press, 6/17/17]

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Josh Mandel’s political opportunism is showing again. “Ohioans did not elect state Treasurer Josh Mandel to run seemingly 24-7-365 for another office.” [Cleveland.com editorial, 8/9/17]

Nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics executive director Sheila Krumholz: “My first question is where is the evidence that [Mandel] is performing his job if all of his travel is political?” [Associated Press, 6/17/17]

WBNS-10TV: “Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel has missed 14 Board of Deposit meetings since taking office…Mandel had missed every one of the committee meetings, of which he acts as chair.” [WBNS-10TV, 3/21/12]

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Mandel is chairman of the state Board of Deposit, which decides how and where to deposit public money, but has missed every one of its meetings.” [The Plain Dealer, 3/13/12]

Salon: “But it’s not just meetings of the Board of Deposit that Mandel has skipped… The eight boards have met a total of 48 times since Mandel took office, and he hadn’t attended a single meeting of any of them…”  [Salon, 10/3/12]

2 – 

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3 –

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