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City government: ‘Please consider facts’ before voting on levy




Sunday, October 29, 2017

Photo: Tiffin Mayor Aaron D. Montz (R)

TIFFIN – On the 2017 general election ballot, voters in the city of Tiffin will see a proposed tax levy that will, if passed, provide funds to be used for the purpose of paying costs of maintaining, repairing, and improving public streets.

A Saturday afternoon post from the city’s official Facebook page encouraged voters to “please consider facts” before voting on the proposed levy.

“Did you know there are 89 miles of streets in Tiffin? Each year, the City is able to spend approximately $300,000 on street paving. At this rate, the street in front of your home will be repaved once every 40+ years,” the post said.

The city also added that if voters approve a the levy, streets “would be repaved once every 12 years.”

“The levy would cost the average Tiffin family less than $7 a month and less than $100 per year. Please consider these facts before casting your vote this year,” the Montz administration added in its post.

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Concerns of how the money would be used were brought up by residents in the comments section.

Tiffin resident Mark Hoerig asked, “Does anything prohibit the proposed income tax increase from being used on anything other than roads/bridges?” – to which the city responded: yes. The tax money will not be used for: paying “wages, salaries, and benefits of City officers and employees,” according to the official ballot language.

Ohio’s general election will be held Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Find your polling location here.

The proposed income tax levy can be read below:

The tax levy as it appears on the ballot

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