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Area police warn of counterfeit money circulating




Sunday, October 29, 2017

BELLEVUE, OHIO – The Bellevue, Ohio Police Department shared on its Facebook page a warning Thursday morning, alerting followers of potential counterfeit currency making its rounds in the area.

“Over the last couple of days we have taken several reports of fake/counterfeit money being used at local businesses,” Bellevue police said.

“Notice the bills read ‘For Motion Picture Use Only.’ We want to alert the community and our local businesses of this type of activity, and if anyone knows any info about people using these fake bills, contact our station at 419-483-4444,” the department added.

Most counterfeit detection pens are able to successfully detect these counterfeit bills. You can also do so simply by looking at them, and making sure “for motion picture use only” isn’t included – and everything else is legit.

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Some criminals have been said to use the counterfeit money to purchase items at stores, and then return the item at a later date/time for real cash. Often times the real cash is used by criminals to buy drugs and other illegal items.

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